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Eduardo Sarabia: Drifting on a Dream

The Mistake Room

Eduardo Sarabia, Desert Daze , 2015. Oil on Canvas, 185 cm x 255 cm. Private Collection, Guadalajara. Photo credit: Albert Terrat

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This new installation will revisit the artist’s oeuvre and depict how popular culture, personal histories, and ordinary events can be metaphors for moments of cultural contact and exchange.

The Mistake Room (TMR) will present an experimental survey exhibition of the work of Los Angeles-born, Guadalajara-based artist Eduardo Sarabia. Transforming TMR’s space into an immersive installation composed of a series of theatrical vignettes based on the artist’s previous works over the past fifteen years, the exhibition will feature the debut of a new long-format narrative video/film. From a search for Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa’s hidden treasure and a speakeasy bar in Berlin to a vision quest into the Sonora desert and a trip to the Mayan homelands in Southern Mexico to experience the end of the world, Sarabia’s new video/film installation will not only revisit the artist’s complex oeuvre but depict how popular culture, personal histories, and ordinary events can be potent metaphors to understand the complexities of moments of cultural contact and exchange. This exhibition will mark the artist’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles in nearly a decade.

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September 16, 2017 - January 20, 2018


Downtown & East LA




Film & Video, Sculpture, Installation, Photography, Prints & Drawing



The Mistake Room Website


1811 E 20th Street
Los Angeles, CA